Announcing an SDA Maine Exhibit in the Planning Stages!

“Underlying Threads: Interpreting the Textile History of a Mill Town”

Work by Maine Members of the Surface Design Association

Your interest in exhibiting as a group, along with a portfolio presentation of work by SDA members from Maine, has led to an opportunity to create work for an exhibition hosted by Engine of Biddeford, Maine. “Founded in 2010, Engine aspires to be a driver of artistic expression, creative industry, cultural vitality, community connections, and socially responsible practices.” You can read more about this vibrant venue at

Engine Executive Director, Tammy Ackerman, recognized the high quality of the work in our portfolio and is fascinated with the connection between our fiber-based work and the rich textile heritage of Biddeford. The exhibit is planned for the fall of 2013 in the new Engine building located at 129 Main Street, Biddeford, Maine. We anticipate being able to offer the specific details of the exhibit in early 2013.

We are including with this letter two views of the history of the textile industry in Biddeford. One arrays facts and figures along a time line and the other indicates some of the sweeping historical trends affecting this mill town.

Falling water powered the workings of the massive brick mills, which still define the cityscape of Biddeford. The promise of jobs drew farmers’ daughters from New England farms and immigrants from all over Europe to this town where the river meets the sea. Issues of culture, religion, power and class were woven into fabrics as diverse as cotton shirtings and Vellux blankets. Biddeford is full of inspiration.

Requirements & Guidelines: We anticipate that a Maine Surface Design Association member in good standing (paid dues) will be able to show from one to three, theme-related pieces. Installations and collaborations are possible. For each piece the artist will provide a brief statement (150 words or less) explaining its conceptual tie to the theme. Work must be delivered ready for installation including hanging/display fixtures. At the discretion of the curator of Engine, a submitted work may be excluded from the show because of space considerations or because it does not meet the standards of the gallery.

If you wish to participate, please respond by November 15th to jsw_10.

Use the subject: Engine Exhibit YES. This will cement your commitment to participate and guarantee you will receive further information and allow us to evaluate and plan accordingly.

Jill Snyder Wallace

Exhibit Committee Chairperson

Exhibit Committee: Jennifer Beaven, Mary Chaisson, Kathy Goddu, Katherine H. Harding, Liz Hunter, Susan Perrine