Shibori Workshop Offerings by Kathleen Goddu


Location of all workshops:

A Gathering of Stitches

54 Cove St., East Bayside

Portland, Maine 04101


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Click on Calendar (right side of screen); find the date of the workshop and click on it. You can then read about the workshop and register on line. For each workshop refer to the website for a complete description and photos of techniques.

#1: Shibori: Itajime and Arashi

Saturday & Sunday: March 14 & 15 9:30 am- 3:30 pm

Description: Itajime refers to dyeing cloth that is folded, in two or more directions, into a neatly shaped bundle and held clamped between boards, sticks, or string. The boards resist the flow of the indigo dye so that it doesn’t go very deeply into the cloth. This often gives a soft, blurred edge to the pattern when the clamps are removed. Arashi (which means wind storm) is the name given to an ingenious process of wrapping cloth around a pole, compressing it into folds, and dyeing it.

This workshop will explore both techniques; learning various approaches to dyeing with indigo and other vat dyes; gaining an understanding of the structure of the folded and bound resist and wrapped patterns and how you might combine the two techniques.

All levels welcome.

#2 Shibori: Intro to Stitching Patterns

Saturday & Sunday: April 25 & 26; 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

This is an introduction to the Japanese art of Shibori – Stitched Resist Patterns. Stitching as a way to resist the flow of dye has been used to a greater extent by the Japanese than by other peoples. Come learn and experience the flexibility and control you have with this technique to create designs of great variety—delicate or bold, simple or complex, pictorial or abstract. You will learn many traditional stitch patterns and create some of your own. You will produce samples for future work on a length of fabric that can be sewn into a pillowcase or cut up to be used in other projects.

All levels welcome.

#3 Shibori: Advanced Stitch Techniques

Saturday & Sunday: May 9 & 10; 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

This workshop is for those who have experience with the various stitched patterns. Be prepared to put your stitching skills to use as you learn a number of complex stitch techniques that produce amazingly beautiful patterns. You will combine stitched techniques with pole wrapping for some patterns. You will also learn “capping” to reserve white space such as a circle or a stitched shape. We will use the indigo vat as well as other dyes.

Pre-requisite: Stitched Shibori